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SPACEdotcom 513,657
Newly Discovered Bus-Size Asteroid Zips Harmlessly by Earth (Video)

HUBBLE_space 337,949
Today is the official inauguration of #OurPlaceInSpace in #Venice. Live updates. Read more:

earthskyscience 538,925
The turquoise plume of water in this satellite image is from an underwater volcano in the midst of an eruption

NASAEarth 832,827
Satellites Capture Different Views of Devastating Fires in Chile

SpaceflightNow 265,699
WorldView 4 now open for business. This image of its launch on Atlas 5 taken by sister-craft 400 miles away in space

NASA_Orion 316,480
It would take a football 166 days to get to the moon, we'll do it in 4 days! #SpaceBowl

astro_timpeake 1,431,225
Looking forward to the @SixNationsRugby starting this weekend - good luck to all the teams. Who am I kidding...come on @EnglandRugby!!

bgreene 153,761
The observable universe extends for about 92 billion light-years. No human has ventured farther from Earth than 1.29

NASAJuno 511,848
My view of the edge of #Jupiter. See the Jovian ‘Antarctica’ in a new #JunoCam image taken during the Feb 2 flyby

NASA_Hubble 2,148,713
The Calabash Nebula, is a spectacular example of the death of a low-mass star like our own Sun! READ:

NASAhistory 455,238
#Today in honor of #BlackHistoryMonth a pic of astronaut Mae Jemison's on STS-47. On it she became the 1st African-American woman in

TheLeakeyFndtn 187,758
This is Samantha Porter. She's researching how humans and Neanderthals may have interacted. #actuallivingscientist

NASAGoddard 373,527
NASA scientist are taking stock of phytoplankton populations in the Pacific:

PopSci 1,098,170
Your dog can understand vocabulary, and your tone of voice

Discovery 6,613,702
A roseate spoonbill drinking water in Everglades National Park,

SETIInstitute 654,260
Swirling spirals at the north pole of Mars - presents valuable record for how planet’s climate has changed | @esa

NYTScience 1,004,362
Some of the first bacteria on Earth are alive in one of the planet's most fantastical places

newscientist 2,446,658
Rare ‘baby dragons’ discovered in five new caves thanks to DNA

NASAJPL 1,412,668
Look out below! Cyclones swirl around #Jupiter’s south pole in this new #JunoCam image from @NASAJuno's Feb. 2 flyby

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"I work from home",