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One of these images is a Rembrandt, the other is made entirely of stock images:
Today is the official inauguration of #OurPlaceInSpace in #Venice. Live updates. Read more:


Home-brewed lava helps scientists conduct hot experiments
Satellites Capture Different Views of Devastating Fires in Chile


Hacker takes over Oculus CEO's Twitter account, announces new CEO by @lucas_matney
It would take a football 166 days to get to the moon, we'll do it in 4 days! #SpaceBowl

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The observable universe extends for about 92 billion light-years. No human has ventured farther from Earth than 1.29

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A Reference Guide for Social Media Scheduling – Tools and Tactics
The Calabash Nebula, is a spectacular example of the death of a low-mass star like our own Sun! READ:

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Genius alarm clock app wakes you earlier when traffic jams might make you late
This is Samantha Porter. She's researching how humans and Neanderthals may have interacted. #actuallivingscientist

David Pogue

Here’s my first look at macOS Sierra, coming this fall. The big-ticket item: Siri! On a Mac!
Your dog can understand vocabulary, and your tone of voice

Samsung Mobile USA

Yep, it’s okay to feel like BFFs after you chat with a live support specialist on Samsung+.
Swirling spirals at the north pole of Mars - presents valuable record for how planet’s climate has changed | @esa
Some of the first bacteria on Earth are alive in one of the planet's most fantastical places
Rare ‘baby dragons’ discovered in five new caves thanks to DNA
Look out below! Cyclones swirl around #Jupiter’s south pole in this new #JunoCam image from @NASAJuno's Feb. 2 flyby