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Here's your cheat sheet for how markets will react to the election via

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8 simple numbers that explain Clinton and Trump's budget plans

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When your dad hating on

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Ahead of Brexit, some banks quietly shift M&A bankers to

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Dow surges more than 350 points in best day since March as US election looms

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"If we don’t win Florida, we’re cooked," Trump campaign official says

markets 311,857
It's looking like another up day for Asian stocks.

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Political developments in America and Britain can appear to presage something far worse

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16 years ago, tomorrow: (via @NYTArchives)

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5 charts showing a global relief rally after FBI clears @HillaryClinton, incl. this one on the Mexican peso

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All 30 Dow stocks are up in early trading with financials taking the lead; Goldman Sachs tops the winners.

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CEO Trump supporter: 'It’s time for the country to be run like a business'

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U.S. stocks continue climbing after a 9-day slump, as FBI absolves Clinton

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America receives more income on its overseas investments than it pays out to foreigners. This is strange

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Obama’s successor will inherit a bond market at an epic turning point

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All 30 Dow stocks rise and S&P 500 snaps its 9-day losing streak as financials, health care and tech stocks rally.

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The black unemployment is double the white rate in New York, Philadelphia and Chicago

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Watch newly captured drone footage of Apple’s $5 billion, spaceship-like campus:

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Final battleground map shows Clinton with a significant lead

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The number of Americans searching for jobs in Canada has increased 58% this year