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morgan_murphy 157,513
I love Al Franken & hope he never calmly brings up my lies to my face.

chelseaperetti 578,743
TUESDAYS HAVE ME LIKE jk opposite in every

JimmyKimmelLive 1,281,418
Backstage at #Kimmel with @Blink182

MrGeorgeWallace 227,811
God bless

TeamCoco 680,844
ICYMI: Trump has been consulting Obama on matters of policy.

AndyRichter 827,523
I know he's nuts but Kanye's new collection is not half

billyeichner 776,214
It's @robinlordtaylor on BILLY ON THE STREET!!! Here we are in college 18 years ago.

jeanniegaffigan 87,901
Wow the new season of #maninthehighcastle looks amazing!

JimGaffigan 2,760,266
Patrick (4): Dad when is my birthday? Me: September 27th Patrick (annoyed): Again!

PFTompkins 743,455
I'm in

TeamCoco 680,844
#Conan talks Russia, #TrumpLeaks & more @

rejectedjokes 530,032
I took these in 2008 after we flooded the streets of NYC to celebrate our new @POTUS. We NYers were and continue to be so proud. Thank

danagould 192,591
Today is another sad example of wild-eyed degenerates clogging Twitter with baseless accusations unsubstantiated

danagould 192,591
The outrage on the left about #pissgate reminds me of the outrage on the right the time Michelle Obama wore a sleeveless dress in

danagould 192,591
For all the Christian Evangelicals who voted for

TheOnion 9,496,371
Disgruntled Bandmates Worried Rivers Cuomo’s Wife Becoming The Fifth Weezer

LateNightSeth 303,688
Obama’s farewell address got

TheOnion 9,496,371
Tokyo Adds 100-Story Toadstool To Skyline

JimGaffigan 2,760,266
New @netflix special CINCO dir by @jeanniegaffigan NOW streaming WORLDWIDE! Upcoming shows=New

funnyordie 13,872,016
Rated R for "Are we seriously all talking about piss right now?"