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Turns out when teachers are stressed, so are their students:
High-protein diet linked to heart failure in older women:

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High-protein diet linked to heart failure in older women:
It's #NationalWearRedDay, and we're going red for the 44 million American women who live with cardiovascular diseases. Are you going #red?

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This Fitness Blogger Ditched Cardio for Weight Lifting to Get the Abs She Always Wanted

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Thousands of Indians are protesting a ban on a bull-wrestling festival in Tamil Nadu.
Injured toddler's future waits on Trump travel policy, reported @drsanjaygupta @JacqEHoward @AC360
Exercise may be as valuable as good genes in lowering dementia risk

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Behold: Kylie Jenner's Secret to perfectly shaped brows:
The 6 most effective core exercises for distance athletes
Drink some coffee, play some pump-up music, and show Friday who's in
Ajith Kumar got SHREDDED. The #Bollywood actor pulled off an incredible body transformation for his film #Vivegam:
Why food tastes better when you stop smoking
10 heart-healthy hot drinks for cold-weather:
There is a secret to #happiness. In today's blog, I'll share it with you:
The 4-Week, Keep-the-Pounds-Off Strength Training Plan
What you need to know if you're drinking lemon water for weight loss:
A pay-by-the-hour greens fee is genius. And slightly diabolical: