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These are the first reported contenders to replace Ben Affleck as director of The Batman:

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Shoot your shot today! Happy Friday!

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As of today, I've been sober

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#FernandL├ęger was born today in 1881. "Men in The City" (1919) is one of 20+ works from @GuggenheimPGC coming to NYC for

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These clothes @PENSHOPPE

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The new satanic

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In a 2002 letter to Simon Kelner (then Independent editor), Hunter S. Thompson describes the state of

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That's a wrap on #BRIGHT. Even in the darkest times we can find the

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Tanks for

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you can't Rawr if you don't

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CONFIRMED: Drake is a @Stranger_Things

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The @NewYorker and @VanityFair have pulled out of White House Correspondents events

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Whoa . When were you gonna tell the rest of the about UFO Candy? You guys, put sherbet inside Communion wafers and they're

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Great for @MoMAPS1 for installing works by Artists from Muslim Nations in Trump's UnAmerican nativist ban. Museums have tools too.

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Watch @MariahCarey get the best revenge on her former man in new video for, "I Don't":

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#StrangerThings Season 2 First Look: Dustin and the gang keep the 1980s nostalgia alive

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Thanks @esquire !

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Here's how the stars of #TVD have evolved through the series:

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So this if you care about our

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