mPouch Influencer Directory - Summary

By btails     03/21/2023
Product Search

Summary Requested On Lowercase Capital Site:

Matt, 1) Raising $500K-$1M, interested in you, Chris and Crystal as Advisors and/or Investors 

Current Investors include Grant Van Cleve, President of TechCoast Angels and Jeff Pullen, Former COO of ValueClick/Epsilon, CEO of Audience Science and CEO of CJ Affiliate Marketing

2) The Influencer Directory with over 1M Influencers and Brands provides the first fully automated “COMPLETE” open matching platform that solves the problems with Influencer Marketing, especially communicating, connecting and negoitiating with Influencers such as Bloggers, Journalists, Authors, Thought Leaders with less than 1M followers:

Brands/Agencies Problems: *Study Below        mPouch Solution:

•Finding relevant Influencers                              Influencer Directory with 1M Profile "Feeds"

•Satisfying Expectations – Validation                 Post Tool w/ Pay Per Reach-Click / Analytics

•Negotiating Terms                                               mPouch Campaign Negotiation Tool 

•Management of 3rd Party Content                     mPouch Custom Curation Multi-content Tool

Influencers problems:                                           mPouch Solution:

•Validation                                                               Calendar Validation Posting Tool / Analytics 

•Concerned new/unproven channel                     Calendar Validation Pay-Per-Click Tool

•No budget assigned                                             mPouch Campaign Negotiation Tool 

•Lack of control over messaging                         Calendar Validation & mPouch Posting Tool

Founding Team:

  • I have launched 3 successful companies growing them to over $10M plus sales
  • Former COO of ValueClick/Epsilon and CEO of CJ and CEO of AudienceScience
  • Former EVP of Marketing pioneer Influencer Marketing (5000 customers year 1) 
  • Former EVP of Biz Development Entertainment Studios (Byron Allen's Network)
  • Current Group Director of Analytics and Media for No. 2 Ad Agency in the World
  • Former Head Professor of UCI’s Data, Software and AI for UC Irvine
  • Current Director for Oracle Direct Marketing and former Director for Artist Direct connected well with WME and many Brands

How we fix the Influencer Marketing together with Lowercase Capital?

Matt, I believe with the team above and your experience at CAA and Startups, Crystal’s experience in UI Design and Advertising and Chris’s experience in startups and capital raising, we will change the way Influencer Marketing is done.   We envision more of a Linkedin for Influencers and Brands with automating Influencer Marketing and tools, analytics and trending pouchable content for both Influencers and Brands.  Please keep in mind that there has been over 2 years in developing back-end data aggregation.  We need to tighten up widgets, analytics, UI, mobile and other aspects.  And what you are seeing is the prelininary display and creation of pouches across multiple categories and hashtags (Sports Teams, Musicians, Athletes, Bloggers, TV Shows, Brands..)

Tony Meador, Founder/CEO



Know exactly what your customers and users click on, share, comment on and view. Use an mPouch widget on your website or blog that showcases your social network content feeds and keeps users on your site instead of sending them away to get distracted.

•URL  (we have fully integrated voting into the mPouch Platform)  The INNYS (Influencer Network for Youth Students) is an annual event that I am very passionate about.  At age 12 my son got hooked on Meth drugs and at 25 today he is in and out of drug rehabs and mental hospitals.  I believe a major factor is that Ed's middle school dropped all competitive sports programs and Ed ended up "lost" in a bad crowd of students with too much time on his hands (Ed excelled at sports and studies show sports keep kids interested in school).  The Influencer Awards (INNYS) is an annual event to help raise funds for schools that don't have sports, music and arts programs.  This is being shaped with the help of one of my advisors, the co-founder and President of Crowdrise with Actor Edward Norton.




Note: Altmeter / TapInfluence Study:


Marketers Challenge


72% Finding relevant Influencers



Finding ways that help them engage their communities while satisfying executive expectations


30% Negotiating Terms  


29.4%  Overall Management of 3rd Party Content creators


13.7% Other

Influencers Challenges

56.9 Concerned since it is new/unproven channel


53.9%  No budget assigned


42.2%  Unaware of what it is


41.2 Lack of control over messaging


13.7% Other