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By btails     09/30/2022
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Story image for influencer marketing from Digiday

Performance-based pricing is coming to influencer marketing

Digiday-13 hours ago
Compensation in influencer marketing is a thorny problem. There is no established industry-wide norm, which some influencers benefited from ...
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Is influencer marketing right for you? (Milwaukee)-Jul 10, 2016
For those who are unfamiliar, “influencer marketing” involves establishing relationships with popular online content generators to (hopefully) ...
Story image for influencer marketing from PC Magazine

Warner Bros. settles FTC charges of deceptive social influencer ...

Marketing Dive-3 hours ago
But the FTC has clearly shown that it means business and that state of affairs could change if marketers and influencers aren't willing to comply ...
FTC Smacks Warner Bros. Over Paid Game Reviews

PC Magazine-3 hours ago
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Story image for influencer marketing from Loyalty360

Influencer Marketing and Its Impact on Customer Engagement

Loyalty360-Jul 11, 2016
Influencer marketing is a term heard quite often in the customer loyalty industry. Some people know quite a bit about how it works and its impact ...

No, it's not time to call bullshit on influencer marketing

The Drum-6 hours ago
Having spent the best part of the last three years running one of the UK's largest and most successful influencer marketing networks, I felt like I ...
Story image for influencer marketing from Huffington Post

What Is Influencer Marketing?

Huffington Post-Jul 5, 2016
In marketing there is always a new trendy buzz word and “influencer marketing” is a popular one right now. Popular with good reason, as if ...
Story image for influencer marketing from SocialTimes

A Complete Guide to Influencer Marketing

SocialTimes-Jul 4, 2016
Virtually every other week, another “influencer marketing platform” hits the market. From managed campaigns, companies, marketplaces, ...
Story image for influencer marketing from Chief Marketer

4 Musts For Influencer Marketing

Chief Marketer-Jul 8, 2016
people-gears-leads-attribution Running a successful influencer campaign has the ability to bring brand visibility that many marketers can only ...
Story image for influencer marketing from Business 2 Community

How To Get Amazing Results From Instagram Influencer Marketing

Business 2 Community-Jul 9, 2016
Influencer marketing has been around for a long time. For hundreds of years, English businesses have flourished under a system where the ...
Story image for influencer marketing from ReelSEO

9 Ways to Rock Your YouTube Influencer Marketing Campaigns

ReelSEO-Jul 5, 2016
So you're doing YouTube influencer marketing campaigns, which is a smart move. But are you getting your full value from them? To begin with ...