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By btails     06/03/2023
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'Rockstar' 'Clean Room' 'Playground''Morning Routine' 'Workout' Nestea 'Magic'Nestea 'Kilimanjaro' Nestea 'Metal Detectors' Nestea 'Carve' Multi-page print Nestea 'Gum'Nestea 'Sixpack' - Bus Stop with bottle opener installed on spokesman's abs Nestea 'Headlock Dangler' -  Spokesman has the Nestea bottle in a chokehold Animal Planet 'Zebra'Animal Planet 'Snake' Animal Planet 'Vultures' HBO Deadwood 'Shotglass'HBO Deadwood 'Graveyard' HBO Deadwood 'Pig' HBO Oz 'Guard Tower' | We built a prison facade in Times Square HBO Oz 'Cubicle'HBO Oz 'Fridge' HBO Oz 'Parking' HBO Six Feet Under 'Ruth' HBO Six Feet Under 'Claire'HBO Six Feet Under 'Nate'  Napster 'Airport' Napster 'Graveyard'Napster 'Crazy Guy' Sprint NFL 'Haircut' Sprint NFL 'Laundry' Sprint NFL 'Waiting Room'Discover Card 'Coach' Discover Card 'W Hotels' Wall Street Journal 'Bus' Wall Street Journal 'Newspaper Box'Wall Street Journal 'Taxi'Times Square Text Billboards

For the campaign launch they put up interactive billboards in Times Square and other 
select countries. The boards allowed people from all over to publicly share their hopes for tomorrow.

Intel Times Square Text Video Homepage Takeover

On May 20th 2009, launch day, they took over the homepage of the New York Times online. Homepage Takeover


Microsite - Homepage 

Mantra Web Videos

'2025' 'Go Ahead' 'Kids' 

My Barack for your Obama Facebook App

In the final months of the 2008 Presidential race we created a facebook application for the Obama campaign so Facebook users 
could have their friends commit to vote for Barack Obama in exchange for a whole slew of fun virtual promises.


The holidays are filled with all sorts of bad gifts, so we created a microsite to show how to dominate the holidays with gifts from HBO.

HBO Holiday Dominator - Website 1 

Holiday Dominator Focus Group WebisodesHBO Holiday Dominator 'Baby' HBO Holiday Dominator 'Neck Pillow' HBO Holiday Dominator 'Sweater' 

Big Love Juggle Game

HBO Big Love Juggle Game 

Let’s Green This City Interactive Banners

PG&E - 'Mixer' PG&E - 'Dryer' 

Nestea ‘Hamster’

Nestea 'Hamster' 


Winner of two Cannes Gold Lions for Integrated Online Campaign, this series of animated shorts for the newly relaunched Napster became one of the first viral video campaigns with thousands of users e-mailing them to each other without the benefit of YouTube.

Napster 'Jailbreak'