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Le journal des Bleus à l’Euro: L’Islande croit fort en ses chances de battre la France…Pa...

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We need @timhuelskamp back in Congress — join me in supporting him today:

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RT @Bitajarod: سيرين عبد النور أمام الكاميرا من جديد @CyrineAbdlNour

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RT @RailMinIndia: ‘Jeevan Pramaan’ centre opened at Dondaparthy to give Digital Life Certificate to pensioners http…

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This the real issue. Some of these white rappers broke & they mad I'm unapologetically black & make way more money.

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Lombard Street, #SanFrancisco Always love driving down here!

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The Downtown Romantic.

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RT @zakjourno: Dis veilingdag by Mpatamacha @zarsg #sabcnews #Monspek1

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What would the Framers think?

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In the words of my COVERGIRL @katyperry, “Baby you’re a firework!”

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Myself and Maurice Levy CEO/Chairman of @PublicisGroupe! Thanks for having me at @VivaTech this year!

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What Are the main #Sales #Tactics in the Digital Age? #SocialSelling

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RT @MusCornerNash: Did you see @luccadoes performance for @Lightning100 Watch below & see him at MC 8/20! https://t…

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Money will buy a fine dog ... But only kindness will make him wag his tail. - @RichSimmondsZA

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RT @RelayForLife: #LookOnTheBrightSideIn5Words - Family and Friends Love You! RT and spread the love to someone fighting #cancer. https://t…

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Pachara, de #MasterChef se lució en #TheVoice ¿El escenario le queda mejor que la cocina?

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RT @LisaPinney: Visiting @EnvAgencyMids @wcc_news Snitterfield scheme to reduce flood risk / improve safety with @nadhimzahawi today https:…

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RT @CiscoDigital: How can you drive digital business transformation in the retail industry? #Ciscodigital https://…

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The Camden comes in a choice of textured leathers and rich seasonal shades:

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#feliz Me encantaron nuestras #vacaciones #Italia ❤️ #atreveteaserfeliz #tengo52yque #hayquevivirlavida

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@candidate35 link me your showreel friend :)

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RT @jrjordan03: My all time favourite @JasmineJamesXX1 lv ur tities

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Climate change is making it hard for the ocean to catch its breath

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It's a long way home. ✈️ #LucaMarféPhotography #Photography #MySon #Dream #Sunset #Sky #Now @googoodolls

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Naturally, @BunsenDublin is one of the top burger joints in Dublin.Check out the rest here!

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What a nightmare for the civilians. RT @IHWCo 100 suicide bombings this month in Syria and Iraq. That's 3 a day.

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كل عام وأنتم بألف خير #عيد_مبارك #EidMubarak

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Effulgence by EdwinMartinez #photo rt @ZaibatsuPlanet @Crazy_Golfer

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RT @hansgi61: Mount Rundle, Banff, Canada #photo

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I sincerely whole Heartedly Mark This As One Of My Best Beach Concerts Ever.. Amazing Turn Out, Amazing #BHIMNATIVES!! Thank You God!

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Dotting the I's: Why Intuit QuickBooks Is a Role Model for Serving Small Business

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Proudly serving the stars and stripes. Happy #FourthofJuly!

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We develop products, why not people? By George Garrett #leadership

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طلوع نیوز، ۱۴ سرطان ۱۳۹۵

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#EU uncorks €1.8bn in cybersecurity investment. Thirsty, #UK? #cybersecurity

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RT @lgodan: Ah, estes políticos podiam estar roubando mas estão regando árvore na chuva!

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Read More At:

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I'm online and available to talk! Talk to me live at

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En la casa ya descansando, como están ?? Cuéntenme algo lindo jeje aparte de ustedes

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•RoseBud•, @thobi_m is now trending in South Africa

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RT @C4U_sa: Highlights #youth #winter #camp #naledivillage

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RT @defendkylie: she literally takes my breath away

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'World's fattest child' in Indonesia put on crash diet to save his life

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RT @PicsNquote: I finally realised it. ..

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#FIXO the #SmartDisc is landing #home. #FIXO is first #RoundComputer that #entertains & makes your #Life easier:

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RT @Kenny_Wallace: Happy 4th of July weekend everyone.

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570 கோடி கண்டெய்னர் பணம் யாருடையது? சி.பி.ஐ விசாரிக்க உத்தரவு

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RT @GomezSource: Justin Bieber liked this picture of his Selena tattoo on Instagram.