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Dark chocolate oat clusters are a tasty snack that are to satisfy your sweet tooth

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8.8 million people die from #cancer, mostly in low- and middle-income countries

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Rain or shine, #gooploot is still happening + we’re giving you 40% off already bananas deals. It’s all going down until 5pm

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If he can lose 46lbs so can you. Its mind over matter!#getfit,#getinshape,#weightloss,#fatloss,#fitness,#health,#abs

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A third of all #energy is used to produce food but a third of food is lost or wasted!

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Quads, Hams & Glutes Blasts

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AAP govt facing obstacles due to anti-corruption stance, says Kejriwal

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RT @bbcworldservice: More and more South African actors are trying to learn to speak like Americans

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Early treatment of #stroke can lessen or reverse the effects. Hear how from Dr. David Miller.

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New research finds link found between diabetes and Alzheimer's disease - #health #fitness #cdnhealth

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Battlefield Earth was just released as a new edition + w/ its immersive cinematic audiobook available on Amazon! #ad

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Why are @Thirty_Million at risk of losing this land? #ParisAgreement

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[case study] Home remodeling for high school students brings learning to lifel: #hschat

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Checked out the @inthestyleuk SALE out yet? It's UNREAL

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Love the new @1800NoCuffs tanks! #4thOfJuly

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No right can be absolute. That's why Constitution provides for reasonable restrictions & judicial review exists.

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#TravelTuesday Part II @earthpix

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In the realm of restructure it is important to unravel the tapestry thready by thread & reweave w/o the tattered..

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The @GCF_News ready to support clean energy & climate resilience projects deemed too risky:

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This Fitness Blogger Ditched Cardio for Weight Lifting to Get the Abs She Always Wanted

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Nearly 120 killed in overnight #Baghdad bombings claimed by #Daesh.

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Who's at the top (and bottom) of #BasicHumanNeeds rankings from the #SocialProgressIndex?

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These mini sausage rolls take pigs-in-a-blanket to the next level

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Climate change is a threat to human health. #ClimateFacts

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Enter our #summerofsmoothies sweepstakes for a chance to #win a $250 prize pack!

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.@JohnsHopkins is unequivocally committed to supporting students, faculty, and staff

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Happy #July4th #weekend use promo code FIREWORKS on / #sale #clearskin

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What I learned from my New Year's resolution to read 52 books in a year

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@FranciscoCeronG how does this relate to Twitter?

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Yoga for #AdrenalFatigue: To help turn off the adrenal glands + calm the mind, try this #RestorativeYoga practice.

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RT @fearlessmotivat: It doesn't matter if you get knocked down, but it does matter if you GET UP!

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RT @MHerzenberg: Hear from 19 yr old shot in back on @NY1 / 1 of 7 victims #july4th BBQ #BROOKLYN @NYPDnews has 21 yr old in custody https:…

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Thanks for your commitment with our country @JamesCostos & @michaelsmith #bravo for your words! #Fiesta4dejulioUSA

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Killing human beings #Muslims or non Muslims is unIslamic & unpardonable.Our thoughts are with victims of #Istanbul attack #PrayForTurkey

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Pic: “God never tires of forgiving us; we are the ones who tire of seeking his mercy.”

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How to improve your health with self awareness #health;

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RT @MordiOfficial: Retweet if God ever saved you from a bad situation

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Do you skip Yoga or Gym frequently? Answer Yes or No with #mDiabetes

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RT @BanditHeart: .@MarleyCoffee #RawMeal @gardenofliferaw on a Saturday? #spon

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RT @Noeltbrennan: A beautiful moment from our story tonight captured by @ghostfacegrady #9NEWS

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RT @NASA: On @Snapchat? Add 'NASA' and learn all about #Jupiter & @NASAJuno today:

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Adhola’s campaign to protect children’s rights

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تشجع #الحملة_الوطنية_للقراءة الأفراد على القراءة وتسهل لهم الوصول إلى الكتب: #قطر #الدوحة

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#SundayFunday #supersoulsunday via

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#FREE Movie Download! Download Stripes Today, FREE:

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Volkswagen says it can fix 85,000 polluting U.S. vehicles #dieselgate

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New Cdn Facts Table for OTC medicines will make labels easier to read & follow #safety

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Taking action to invest in #community responses to #HIV: #PCB38

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About 25 people came by for a @22HardCorps workout to help raise money for the #UnitedTheatre last night! Fun times

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Everything you need to know about carbs -> @Verywell #health #foodadvice