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William Bonner

RT @jornalnacional: Boa noite! O #JN tá no ar!

Carlos Loret de Mola

Las opiniones de hoy en #PrimeroNoticias

Tiago Leifert

@zeca_cardoso @leo_bianchi

Bill Simmons

My bad - had the wrong link for last tweet. Love to EJ!

Rafael Cortez

XIII... #RafaelPensador

Dr. Sanjay Gupta

RT @cnnbrk: Pat Summitt, the winningest coach in the history of major college basketball, has died.…

David Gregory

RT @DavidChalian: Gotta love simultaneously released polls with very different headlines!

Barbara Walters

RT @ChristyCalcagno: Congrats @BarbaraJWalters on the Jessica Savitch Award! Presented by @DavidMuir and hosted by @IthacaCollege https://t…

John Dickerson

RT @planetmoney: Today, from the archives: What makes a Stradivarius a Stradivarius? Is it the sound — or the brand?

Maria Shriver

Pat Summit was 1 of the millions of women battling #Alzheimers. It would take 43 football stadiums to hold them all.

Scott Simon

Thanks so much, Meagen. Yes, hard to lose her--in life & book--but memories stay strong.

John Donvan

RT @StigAbell: Just a brilliant New Yorker cover.

Terry Moran

Michael Ausiello

#DeadOfSummer EP Breaks Down First Kill, Teases 'Creepy' Reveals (Plus: Grade the Premiere!)

George Stephanopoulos

RT @ThisWeekABC: Dramatic shift in NEW ABC News/WaPo poll: Clinton leads Trump 51-39% among registered voters https…

Chris Cuomo

RT @Nightline: Photo shows crowds lining up outside a hospital, waiting to give blood after Istanbul attack https:/…

Jack Gray


Kara Swisher

@PortfolioCarmel @NellieBowles we have quite a few

Nicholas Kristof

RT @ErikaGuevaraR: Sexual violence routinely used as torture to secure “confessions” from women in Mexico https://t…

Robin Roberts

Coming up next @GMA..we remember the legendary Pat Summitt #WeBackPat

Ann Curry

Billy Crystal at #AliFuneral: "He taught us life is best when we build bridges between people, not walls."

David Pogue

Here’s my first look at macOS Sierra, coming this fall. The big-ticket item: Siri! On a Mac!

Roger Ebert

RT @ChazEbert: Final @Festival_Cannes video segment w/@joeledgertoncom #GeorgeMiller and much more:…

Joel Stein

Et tu, France?

Todd Grisham

@mrbwelch my pleasure

Kristie Lu Stout

Why, hello there.

KatyTurNBC Twitter Pouch

Howard Stern: Its not locker room talk. "I have never been in the room when someone has said, "Grab them by the p**y."