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Ric Weiland was an integral part of @Microsoft's success. This is a great piece on his legacy as a philanthropist:

NASA Twitter Pouch

New @NASAEarth campaign will study phytoplankton, microscopic, plant-like organisms & their role in reducing CO:

NatGeo Twitter Pouch

Earth’s 31 small cat species hail from seven distinct lineages—take a look at these fascinating felines

richardbranson Twitter Pouch

Why happiness should be part of every entrepreneur’s business ambition:

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Popular Twitter account @dog_rates now has a cute mobile game

TechCrunch Twitter Pouch

Snapchat growth halted when Instagram cloned its main feature with Stories

intel Twitter Pouch

100 drones broke a world record that inspired new #drone regulations

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We owe @NatlParkService a debt of gratitude for 100 amazing years. by hiking @YellowstoneNPS

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Happy birthday @jack! Here's to another 40

guardiantech Twitter Pouch

Elon Musk leads Tesla effort to build house roofs entirely out of solar panels

Gizmodo Twitter Pouch

USDA wipes animal welfare reports from its website

timoreilly Twitter Pouch

I met my first room service robot last night. It waited politely for me to get in the elevator

Cmdr_Hadfield Twitter Pouch

The lonely ice volcano. Just when we think we know everything:

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With its sleek, stylish silhouette wrapped in symmetric metallic pinstripes, the HTC Desire 10 lifestyle is black-tie ready

TheNextWeb Twitter Pouch

Twitter donates $1 million to ACLU to battle Trump’s immigration ban

RWW Twitter Pouch

Study hints wearable fitness trackers do more harm than good #IoT #Tech

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Astro_Mike Twitter Pouch

Been thinking about @nasa astronaut Gene Cernan all day, he was a great example of a life well lived, something for all of us to aspire

AsteroidWatch Twitter Pouch

While there are no known asteroid threats, @NASA & @FEMA held an exercise to plan for a hypothetical event

CNET Twitter Pouch

Sprint turns a corner, tops AT&T and Verizon in customer growth

NASAJPL Twitter Pouch

Look out below! Cyclones swirl around #Jupiter’s south pole in this new #JunoCam image from @NASAJuno's Feb. 2 flyby

NASA_Hubble Twitter Pouch

The Calabash Nebula, is a spectacular example of the death of a low-mass star like our own Sun! READ:

astro_timpeake Twitter Pouch

Looking forward to the @SixNationsRugby starting this weekend - good luck to all the teams. Who am I kidding...come on @EnglandRugby!!

ReutersScience Twitter Pouch

Defying Trump, Twitter feeds for U.S. government scientists go rogue

nature_org Twitter Pouch

Here's a lovable harbor

NASA_Technology Twitter Pouch

At #CES2017 we're showing how @NASAJPL is leveraging virtual reality tech to help scientists "work on Mars"

NASA_Johnson Twitter Pouch

The @Patriots mascot visited Mission Control today helping @NASA participate in #SB51 activities in Houston this week.

NASA_Astronauts Twitter Pouch

Celebrating #MLKDAY with a view of Dr. King's hometown Atlanta GA as seen from @Space_Station. Photo by @Astro_Kimbrough, also from

astro_andre Twitter Pouch

Moonrises and sets were always fascinating sights from the International Space

astro_reid Twitter Pouch

Took this a bit ago...the image is flipped but otherwise unedited - sky and trees reflect beautifully off an unusually calm

Oracle Twitter Pouch

Oracle buys @apiaryio. Creates most completeAPI Integration Cloud, adding leading API design and governance solution

ESA_Rosetta Twitter Pouch

From #67P with love: a last image, taken 51 metres before #CometLanding #MissionComplete

ISS_Research Twitter Pouch

Teachers: sign up for the February @EarthKAM_Live session, and let your students take pictures from @Space_Station!

pcworld Twitter Pouch

Doom's new Vulkan patch makes a fast, beautiful game faster & more beautiful

Astro_Alex Twitter Pouch

The reality of winter survival training. It ain't romantic, that's for sure. @AntonAstrey

Codecademy Twitter Pouch

Learn how to build a cognitive app in our newest course, developed w/ @IBM #IBMLearningLab:

HUBBLE_space Twitter Pouch

Today is the official inauguration of #OurPlaceInSpace in #Venice. Live updates. Read more:

NASA_Orion Twitter Pouch

It would take a football 166 days to get to the moon, we'll do it in 4 days! #SpaceBowl

NASAWebb Twitter Pouch

More views of @northropgrumman's full-scale #JWST model. See it #SBLive, Houston, tonight->Feb 5, @discoverygreen. (pics via @albertoconti)

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This picture is worth 1000 words and 200000000km. It perfectly explains why I'm an

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Razer setup GIVEAWAY ! Must : -RETWEET -Follow Me -Turn on my

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Check out some of the great aviation breakthroughs we've had a hand in over 100 years:

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This is Samantha Porter. She's researching how humans and Neanderthals may have interacted. #actuallivingscientist

iMore Twitter Pouch

On January 9, 2007, Apple introduced iPhone. Here is its story:

NASAAmes Twitter Pouch

Happy Birthday, NASA Ames Research Center! December 20, 2016, marks the 77th anniversary of the center’s founding.

NASA_Dawn Twitter Pouch

I'm back with more images, this time on a weekly basis. Here's a nice one of Ikapati Crater on #Ceres

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Look at how fast Amazon is adding employees. Looks like the graph of packages in my entryway:

TechRepublic Twitter Pouch

.@Microsoft is taking on Amazon and winning developers with a kinder, gentler cloud

Astro_Ron Twitter Pouch

OTD 7 heroes paid the ultimate sacrifice 2 further human knowledge & progress 4 all This snap accurately shows the love of life they all