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Trump’s attack on federal judge could backfire

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"They lie when they poll...polls are owned by eastern monied interests...they're trying to rig an election." -- George

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.@SenSchumer now on Senate floor calling for repeal Trump #immigration order & delay Tillerson vote - LIVE C-SPAN2

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TEAM TIA. My friend tia is fighting. Join the team. Retweet and send messages of joy #fightpancreaticcancer

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Poll: 44% of Cosmo readers are 'fearful' going into the

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Happy #NationalDogDay from this laundry

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Trump on firebombing of office to radio host Mike

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Today in instant

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.@ChairmanBorges to Trump: pipe

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More than 50 retired general and flag officers have signed a letter denouncing Trump’s candidacy to be commander in

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Drudge's banner

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Seatmate and new pal tonight at Wrigley: @georgelopez. Two LA homeboys watching the game and talking Trump. #2016

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The @AP welcomes tips from federal workers, contractors, diplomats, Hill staff -- anyone. Reach us securely:

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Howard Stern: Its not locker room talk. "I have never been in the room when someone has said, "Grab them by the p**y."

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Sign of the times: @DarrellIssa has gone from praising Trump to praising Obama in his uphill congressional campaign.

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This somehow evokes Sonny and Cher singing "I Got You Babe."

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Perhaps the most dangerous thing Trump has done is enable Dems to run the all-interpretive-dance campaign they've always

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In May McCain guru @MarkSalter55 told me he thought Trump could 'come apart' under pressure.

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Trump's not even working to win over voters now – venting anger & grievances, settling scores >> w/@NYTnickc

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NEW: NBC/WSJ poll has Clinton up 11 nationally. Clinton 48% Trump 37% Johnson 7% Stein 2% Context, from @mmurraypolitics -->

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why would anyone go into

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The Amazingly Stable 2016 Race -- comparing our new NBC/WSJ poll numbers with those from Jan. 2016

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That time a Trump supporter tried to convince me Hillary cheated at debate

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Just checked: No line. Security still letting people into Trump's Lakeland rally. (I think Trump owes an apology to the fire marshal.)

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Our outlook remains a Democratic gain of between 5 and 20 seats. Our latest House race ratings:

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Trump's TV ad cites analysis of the tax plan he abandoned to show he'll grow business. Is it his plan again?

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Marco Rubio statement standing by his endorsement of Donald

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Here's how Clinton's long-time ad man defined her message in 2014 (when everyone denied she was considering a run)

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When @SpeakerRyan’s warning becomes a @BernieSanders fundraising

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Trump operative retweets Putin's praise for

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Why the GOP revolted this time. @patrickhealynyt and I on values, manhood and civility:

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Clinton camp response to Trump presser with Bill Clinton

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Trump's reasoning for why he and Hillary Clinton should take a drug test before the next debate (yes, really)

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Interesting: the law firm Trump used to threaten NYT does commercial litigation; website doesn't mention 1st Amendment

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John Williams at H'wood Bowl says he's sticking w/ "Star Wars" bc he doesn't want anyone else scoring music for

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Romney won white men without a degree by 30 points. This morning, Trump has nearly doubled that

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Husband, father, grandfather. Queen Scout. Dartmouth 1974. Love people and politics. Chairman EEA. Past Chairman ABP 

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India's First Independent Online Daily. #TheCitizenIsYou

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Amateur historian of life in 18th century England and writer of traditional mysteries set in Georgian Norfolk. Now retired and glad to be so.

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Staff Humanities Indicators ( ) and author History's Babel ( ). Opinions my own. Quotes and RTs ? opinions.

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Sport. Food. Travel. Foreign Affairs. And yes, probably some Cats.

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Asst professor @BlmfldCollegeNJ. Historian, Cubanologist, newish mom. Author of Revolution within the Revolution (UNC Press, Dec 2015).

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Official account for news & stories about @Flipkart #tech #books #home #life. For customer service tweet to @Flipkartsupport

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Freelance writer and editor, blogger, author of GEORGE WASHINGTON & THE MAGIC HAT, co-author of HAUNTING LEGACY. .

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Geopolitics, Foreign Policy, Diplomacy, India, South Asian Affairs, History

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Connect with musicians and music professionals near you. Download the WAM app for iOS:  or Android: 

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Reader of history, a nearly historian. Connoisseur of all things macabre, mysterious and darkly funny... oh and I like fluffy things. @History_Hit