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Milk punch iced tea and sparkling water prior to @BrennansHouston brunch here for my @TMobile partner

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#Idea fácil y linda para decorar tus uñas.

tori_spelling - Twitter Pouch

Guess what color I did to my hair?Thank U @guy_tang for a fun day & new look 4 summer #GuessTheColor #ByeByeBlonde

high_times_mag - Twitter Pouch

Gold. Get a kick out of these 15 Hilariously Ridiculous Pieces of Anti-Marijuana Propaganda.

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It’s always better when we’re together ❤ If we all learn to work together we can accomplish anything! #Zendaya

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RT @oJaison: Zadie Smith On The Young Writer Who Inspires Her Most: Rachel Kaadzi Ghansah

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6 #TravelTuesday @FlipboardMag on how to be a digital nomad

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RT @KWWKRADIO: #NowPlaying Show Me Love (Main) by Calling All Astronauts via @KWWKRADIO

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Happy #FenderFriday everyone!

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Turbulence - The Blues Project Great #Music #Blues Check it out!

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Hispanic families be like "we aren't arguing this is how we talk"

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95% organic, 100% natural, and berry delicious. #eos

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Fun fact: The Fun Factory set was the first Play-Doh playset to be introduced in 1960! #WorldPlayDohDay

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QUIZ TIME! Upload foto saat berkumpul bareng keluarga; mention @NuGreenTea sertakan hashtag #IniLebaranNuGreenTea

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Showing some simple recipes to help you enjoy Canada Day is @ChrisCooking. WATCH:

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Here's how this woman's inspiring before-and-after photo launched a body-positive…

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Make these stunning homemade sugar cookies just in time for Valentine's Day!

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RT @anna_lawhorn: Paid off my first loan! bedroom dresser loan but still! Thanks for the encouragement @mint

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Check out our full lab test of the latest high-end macro lens from @TamronUSA.

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Чудовищный оползень в Аляске: 150 млн тонн камней

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SET YOUR DVR: Tune in to the @TODAYshow at 8 or 10 am tomorrow to see @elvisduran interviewed by @hodakotb!

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Sneak peek of the live stream happening later at 6pm on

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If you lost your weave at Target, I found it...

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RT @Fancienanc: Thanks Simplicity for my #swim cover up as a #Youtuber I love it! #pink #princess @ #pool

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Cómo cambió Lionel Messi a lo largo de los años

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Trying to convince your parents to extend your curfew. #WeHeartOurStars

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What did the tomato say after missing out on the week’s videos? “Let’s ketchup.” ->

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What every hit song has in common: -- #ArtistDevelopment #Songwriting #Musicians #MusicBiz

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RT @JPMajor: Juno's view of Jupiter and moons from Tuesday 6/28 (NASA/JPL/SwRI/MSSS) SO CLOSE…

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All I Need is Jesus & Bacon T-Shirt now for sale in men's, women's & youth sizes for $19.99:

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Lily from @MooshWalks is chilling with #Pikachu and #MyLittlePony at #AnimeExpo2016

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Crush all those 4th of July picnic cans with an Arduino-powered arm: (via @Make)

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3 very easy steps to #follow your #love #dreams to get the #life you want

Laurie_March Twitter Pouch

When the car is ALL the way full for a shoot.

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RT @jessicawaks: Check out a beautiful spread on #cotty2 in the new August issue of @styleathome {photos by @staceybrandford }…

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@savannahugs We’re sorry to hear we let you down regarding the wait. We want to bring this to the team ASAP:

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Justin Bieber Projects Names of Pulse Victims & Christina Grimmie During Orlando Tour Stop #popmusic #music

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10 reasons your dog is snoring

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This is your chance to buy a piece of Canadian history: #CanadaDay

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This blush bride will convince you to ditch the white #weddingdress! Photo: Jessica Gold

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Great designs at prices you'll love. Save up to 1/3 on selected @HabitatUK items.

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How you eat home cooked meals after coming home from #college #outwiththeramen #primestudent

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Shades of glamour come in the one and only contouring kit you'll need!

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.@marcbeauty pays tribute to iconic MUA Way Bandy with its newest product:

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You've got to try the Southern Living Test Kitchen's all-time favorite mac-and-cheese recipe:

Southern_Living Twitter Pouch

Leave it to these Sparkling Cherry Limeades to hit the spot on a sticky summer day:

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RT @MonicaPruett: Have you thought of trying @blueapron? Watch my unboxing & 3 #recipe videos (1 min ea.) Ad https:…

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If you like floating otters as much as we do, then Floated Share Buttons might be your thin…

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YES. Enjoy!