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Perez Hilton

RT @ThePerezHilton: Paris and @ParisHilton and Perez! With the OG at the launch of her latest fragrance! https://t.…

Shit My Dad Says (Justin Halpern)

"The 1st amendment doesn't say I have to listen to bullshit. Just 'cause farting's legal don't mean I gotta shove my nose in your asshole."

Kibe Loco

Separados na maternidade.

Eduardo Surita

Novo corte, como sempre feito pela Silvana Recoaro aqui em SP, na Granja Viana.. O que vc acha? Bom fds : )

Dooce (Heather Armstrong)

RT @erinruberry: Meanwhile, in Canada



Steven Johnson

RT @BobbyBigWheel: The next James Bond will just be him spending 2 hours in passport control at De Gaulle

Agent M (Ryan Penagos)

leaving work late the night before a big vacation

Ana Marie Cox

RT @darth: wait is he speaking already @owillis

David Allen

30+ yr good friend of mine shares a horrific tale of U.S. corporate & justice system experiences.

Jason Sweeney


Adventure Girl (Stefanie Michaels)

@R_McCormick Yay! You got it! #tinycubes ;0 Miss you girl! XO

Robert Scoble

@albiondumsday it moves belief forward. Another friend's death got us a traffic light in from of our school.

Umair Haque

RT @Fusion: The judge who let Brock Turner off easy sentenced a Latino man to 3 years for the same crime https://t.…