What is mPouch?

mPouch is a social and shareable binder that contains all your social media in one place. mPouch allows Users to create a User mPouch that contains the User’s social media in one place to share with their friends and associates.

Use mPouch to help cancel out the noise

Relevant connections, content, and communications will remain increasingly important in order to cancel out the “noise”. mPouches S.M.A.R.T. Gemz (red is hot - relavant and popular) help provide the solution to provide more relavant content to the user.

Are you overwhelmed and bombarded with reviewing multiple social networks and going from site to site to view tweets, status updates, mobile marketing messages and the like, with MobilePouch Priority Thermal Engine.

Users can view multiple social sites and communications in one mPouch that is relevant, timely, and personalized.

Promote Your Social Media FAST! In one mPouch, your viewers view all your social media in one place:

  • Users don't have to go from site-to-site to view your posts
  • Link to one URL from your site pouchtag.com/You
  • Widgets show posts right on your web or mobile site
  • Manage, collaborate, post and monitor traffic from one site
  • List, search and follow leaders in the Mobile Social Directory

MPouch Mobile Social Directory (mSocialz.com Directory) is also a search directory with a proprietary priority and personalization system.

mSocialz Directory shows what hot (red Gemz float to the top just as crème floats to the top of your coffee). MPouch helps users find their favorite brands, celebrities, musicians, athletes, movies, TV shows, news and sports teams. Our mission is to make it easy for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr and other social media users to find and become fans or followers of their favorite users.

mPouch search and pouch technology allows users to search almost any social website from within the mPouch site and add Internet Items (Feeds, Images, Videos, Tweets, etc..) to pouches.

mPouch is a place where you can search the top social media sites and blogs and “follow” social media collections created by people with great taste. mPouch’s Gemz online popular rating system of social media collections allow users to view and follow content that is popular and relevant to the user.

mPouch allows you to organize social content and share all the great things you find on the web. You can browse and discover live mPouch collections filled with real-time feeds and content created by other people who share your interests

Personalize and Prioritize

mPouch's unique and proprietary S.M.A.R.T.3(Social Media Automated Real-time Thermal-tag-trending) Gemz Tag Trending System provides more relevant and prioritized information by filtering (smart algorithms) content by popularity, personalized category and type of content selections, relevancy, location, historical values, Facebook Likes, Tweets, RePouches, Tumblr and Blogger, Pinterest Comments, Blogs and dynamic comments from product and service evaluations.

Organize and Categorize

You can organize all of your pouches based on categories or create your own custom categories. With mPouch.you can quickly scan all your favorite social feeds and content.

With so many blogging and content sites, having to go from site-to-site to keep up with the latest blogs or content these days is challenging. The people that don't use mPouch have to go to twitter.com to check the tweets and access the top tweets. Then you go to Tumblr.com to blog and upload your images, Youtube to view the latest videos, Pinterest to view the latest images or Amazon to view the products you like.

Who Can View And Edit Your Pouches

mUserPouches only allow the owner of the profile to edit the User mPouch. Other Pouches (Interest mPouches) can be Unlocked Public, Locked MeOnly or Custom (Owner of pouch decides who can view, edit or rePouch). Custom allows you to decide who can view, edit or rePouch this pouch. With Custom setting, you can allow Collaboration between certain friends or associates from your different social media sites such Friends on Facebook or Followers on Twitter or others to collaborate.

Search the Web and Create mPouches In Minutes

With mPouch you can search the people and content you like and quickly scan the pouches you follow for the latest. Browsing mPouches is a fun and exciting way to discover new and innovative things and get inspiration from people who share the things that interest you. To get started, sign up (it's free), once you sign-up you will see an "Add" button in the top header that will allow you to try our unique Search N Add Gemz Tool. Enjoy and seize the pouching? At pouchtag.com you can follow and blogs from the latest top feeds from Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube. Using the Create a Gemz mPouch feature, Users can also quickly search and create an mPouch to add items/Gemz (images, rss feeds, videos, products, etc.) from other sites right from the mPouch site. Using mPouch" Add New Pouch" button, you can search and add content from the above and create a pouch that contains your images, videos, tweets and blogs.

mPouch is a place the things you like in category folders (put them in a quick access bound folder of Internet Gemz that you like) that you can view from anywhere, anytime. You can add your favorite feeds from Tumblr, your favorite image feeds from Instagram, your favorite types of images from Pinterest and Bing, your favorite video searches (live searches that will always provide the latest search of your favorite or trending searches. mPouch allows you to organize and share all the wonderful things you find on the web.

No need to go outside the app to do your searches for items such as images, videos, RSS feeds, Amazon products, Tweets and more.

What Can You Do With mPouch?

  • Find out who the hot Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr Users are?
  • Locate the top users based on Top Users, Brands, Celebrities, Athletes, Sports Teams, Politicians, Movies, TV Shows, Games, News and Organizations.
  • Search the top social media sites from one place and find out what the hot tweets, facebook posts, Tumblr blogs and Pinterest Pins are?
  • Plan your trip with products to bring, RSS feeds of travel deals and maps of the places you want to visit!
  • Follow all of the top Tumblr, Instagram or social sites and feeds from one page that you can scan quickly.
  • RePouch the mPouches you want to access in your profile to organize and share with your friends, family and associates.
  • Follow your favorites sites website and social sites in one pouch (RSS feed, Twitter, video search, products) all in one pouch that you can open quickly and see what's happening.
  • Create mPouches and folders that contain all your favorite recipes, music, art, celebrities...
  • Create folders to show what you find tasteful, beautiful, appropriate, useful, desirable, inspirational. Businesses highlight your visual content with RSS News feeds, menus, new products and videos all in one place for your customers to quickly access without having to go from Twitter to YouTube to Facebook to your webpage, etc...
  • Put all your social info in one folder. Including RSS Feeds, Blogs, Images, Twitter, Youtube, graphs, infographics and video content to support your company. Pouching allow us to pull these things together in one place, while dividing them into groups that are far faster to digest that sifting through all of our content.

Joe uses mPouch pouches to share all of his social media sites and the latest posts such as Twitter Tweets, Facebook Likes, Pinterest Pins, Tumblr Blogs and his favorite pouches such My Music, My TV Shows, My Favorite Books, My Sports and My Favorite Books.

Amy uses mPouch to locate the top Facebook users, the top Twitter Users and all of the top social media Users Profile Pouches.

Elizabeth uses mPouch pouches to view all of her favorite college RSS Feeds, News, Tweets, Humor and Videos to stay up to date on college stuff.

Tim uses mPouch to follow music events. Their friends can leave comments about the bands, the restaurants and clubs to go to that are near, the albums they like from that band and more can be pouched and commented on.

Cindy creates mPouch to plan her Mothers Day. Products from Amazon she wants to buy for Mom, RSS feed to her favorite virtual greeting cards, images of the places she would like to take her mom to, videos of the music that reminds her of her mom, her favorite Mother's day tweets from Twitter and a map to the place she plans to take mom.

mPouch Vocabulary

Please email us if you have questions or review our FAQs.

mPouch Mission

Our mission is to provide web and mobile apps that allow our users to quickly scan, view, organize and share multiple types of content. Our goal is to make it easy for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr and other social media users to find and become fans or followers of their favorite users and spend more time on these social media sites because they are able to follow more people and more content (mPouches).